Frequently Answered Questions – Drum Wrap FAQ

Drum Wrap FAQ

This drum wrap FAQ has the most frequently asked questions we encounter. feel free to submit your questions to:


Can you guys cut the wrap to the exact size and is there a charge for this?

We are happy to cut the wrap to your requirements free of charge. Simply state your actual shell depths in the comment box at checkout and request that we cut for you. Unless otherwise specified we’ll cut the wrap to between 1/4″ – 1/2″ less than the actual shell depth. (1/8″ – 1/4″ per side)


Can you also cut into required pieces if I order a full sheet?

We are happy to cut the wrap to your requirements free of charge. Just let us know in the comments box at checkout how you would like your full sheet divided.


If Walopus is a Canadian company, how come the pricing is in USD?

Although we have quite a few Canadian customers, the majority of our customers are in the USA and around the rest of the world. USD is the most commonly recognized currency worldwide.


I’m looking for a finish called “**********”. Do you have that?

Every design we currently make is displayed on this website under: , if you don’t see it here we don’t currently make it. We can however custom-make just about any finish if you provide detailed information and preferably pictures or physical samples.


Do you offer custom finishes and is there an extra charge for this?

We can make almost any finish as long as we have ample information as stated above. No extra charge. A custom wrap finish can be made from your file, a decent quality picture, physical sample or a description; ie; I’d like Caribbean Abalone on a Chrome base instead of a Pearl base and with an orange fade over top.


How do I order wrap for my electronic drums?

For example, if you have 4 shells that are 3″ deep and 10″ diameter: Order 2, 10 X 6 size wrap pieces and either cut into 3″ pieces yourself, or request that we cut them for you. (In the comments box at checkout.)


What is the easiest way to wrap my drums?

The simplest method is to only bond the wrap to itself at the seam. Refer to the Instructions page


Can solvent based contact cement be used to apply your wrap?

Every type of solvent based contact cement we’ve tried so far has proven to work well and with no ill effects. We do however recommend that you perform a test on a small inconspicuous area prior to installing.


What is the thickness of Walopus Drum Wrap?

All our wrap designs are available in “Standard” gauge which is roughly 20 mil or 0.5 mm. This is the most common thickness of factory drum wrap as well. many of our designs are also available in “Thick” gauge which is roughly 35 mil or 0.9 mm. This is approximately the same thickness as traditional glass glitter wrap.


What is Walopus Drum Wrap made of?

The short answer is plastic. The longer answer is a cocktail of various plastics. Refer to the article: Anatomy of Drum Wrap for further information.


How much is shipping to XXXXX?

Samples always ship free regardless of quantity or destination.

Shipping to anywhere in Canada and USA is $17 flat rate regardless of quantity.

Shipping to anywhere outside USA/Canada is $33 flat rate regardless of quantity.


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