Genuine Drum Wrap

Walopus Drum Wrap should not be confused with inferior products sold as drum wrap. Walopus Drum Wrap is the real deal.

Standard gauge is approximately 20 mil / 0.5 mm or about the same thickness as a credit card. The thick gauge available in some designs is approximately 35 mil / 0.9 mm or almost twice as thick as a credit card.



Walopus Drum Wrap is manufactured from a plastic formula improved on over the better part of a decade. The top layer provides the gloss, depth and durability. Testing has shown that Walopus Drum Wrap has some of the industry’s best resistance to scratching and gouging as well as impact resistance. With the exception of Economy Drum Wrap, our product also has superior resistance to kinking.



Walopus Drum Wrap combines striking designs with rich colour tones, covered by a generous clear top layer. This combination provides the utmost in striking appearance, gleaming surface and rich, deep gloss.



Walopus Drum Wrap offers unprecedented affordability. We challenge you to find a more affordable drum wrap product of comparable quality. In fact we believe we offer the lowest cost of any sparkle or pearl real drum wrap on the market. Our economy drum wrap may be the lowest price real drum wrap available in any category.



Our decade-long development process has also led us to what might be the most flexible and pliable drum wrap available. Despite manufacturing to the same thickness (approximately 20 mil) as most standard drum wrap available, we have maintained the flexibility and pliability of much thinner products. The benefit to you is substantially easier installation. (Note: This statement excludes our Economy Drum Wrap)



Walopus Drum Wrap can be ordered in traditional full sheet sizes, or as pre-cut pieces for individual standard drum sizes. Pre-cut pieces are slightly oversized to accommodate for a variety of installation methods. Walopus Drum Wrap can be trimmed to exact size with regular household scissors.

Most finishes offer a choice between; Traditional/Stiffer/Ultra-Glossy, or Extra Flexible / Extra Durable

Some finishes are also available in a Low-Cost version



We accept all major credit cards and ship globally. We offer flat rate shipping to anywhere in the world and free shipping for samples.

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