Proudly made in Canada with raw materials from USA and Canada

We have been producing our Various Sparkle Drum Wrap for the better part of a decade. 2015 marks the beginning of our new fresh brand name; “Walopus”, under which we are now offering our extended product range worldwide. New for 2015 is this web site with online ordering.

Family Owned and Operated

Walopus is a small family owned and operated organization. We take great pride in our drum wrap and believe our wrap offers ultimate levels of Value, Appearance, Quality and Durability.


Who We Are

Magnus Boll
Magnus Boll

Walopus is owned and operated by myself, (Magnus Boll) and my immediate family. When I’m not focusing on being a half-decent father and husband, I’m doing something relating to drums. Whether it be making wrap in the factory, re-finishing drums, writing a review or testing new finish and material combinations. My other website; is full of reviews, DIY articles, Resources and other useful information presented in a non-commercial manner. There’s even a whole article on alternative drum wrap materials for the frugal re-finisher of drums as well as links to all Walopus’ competitors. Why would I do that? Because as much as I would like to, we can’t be the best choice for every single project. (Yet) 🙂

I’ve lost count of how many drum kits I’ve re-finished but one thing that always bothered me was the high cost of drum wrap. When I started Walopus, one of my goals was to offer a top-quality product at half the price of average drum wrap on the market. Well, we did meet the quality target but not the price target. Drum wrap is a lot costlier to manufacture than I ever imagined. I humbly take back the thoughts I’ve had in the past, in my mind accusing drum wrap companies of price-gouging.

Even though I didn’t manage to bring the price down to half, we do offer an unprecedented value-for-money ratio. That will have to do for a start, but I’m not giving up. We are constantly experimenting with materials and manufacturing methods, both for the sake of further product improvement and hopefully price reduction.

At present time we offer a growing selection of over 160 standard wrap finishes and virtually unlimited options through our Custom Shop Initiative. Thanks to close co-operation with our raw materials suppliers we have developed a wrap we believe is the most durable and at the same time most flexible on the market. Combining durability with flexibility is the result of what seemed like an endless process of requesting alterations to plastic formulas and testing each and every version until our goals were met.

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