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Custom Shop Drum Wrap

Custom Inlay Drum Wrap
Karelian Birch with Abalone, Bubinga and Ebony Inlay
Mappa Burl with Inlay Drum Wrap
Mappa Burl with Inlay Drum Wrap

Walopus introduces the Custom Shop Drum Wrap Initiative. With very few limitations, you can now customize your finish design down to the smallest details. Any of the finishes already offered by Walopus can be customized with a stain, fade, burst, or??? You can also provide your own artwork and we’ll make drum wrap out of it. Or if you prefer describe what you are seeking and we’ll see if we can design it for you. With a few exceptions, the only limit is your imagination.


Light Bubinga with Inlay Strip
Light Bubinga with Inlay Strip

Custom Shop Drum Wrap

Some examples of the endless possibilities:

  • Any Wood Grain – and we mean ANY!
  • Any colour stain, fade or burst over said wood grain
  • Logos, Band-Names, Icons, Pictures, etc. added to almost any existing or new design
  • Your own artwork
  • Our artwork under your direction
  • Modifications of current offerings
  • Alter colours and brightness of existing designs
  • Add Inlays or other details to existing or new designs.
  • Any of the above can be added to a Pearl or Metal base
  • Any of the above can be made with a satin, (semi-flat) finish instead of high-gloss.
  • Any of our designs can be ordered Extra-Thin for installation over existing wrap

Best of all, There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for custom orders.

Turn Black Oyster Pearl into Green Oyster Pearl, Red Oyster Pearl or design your own Pink Oyster Strata. Or even a unique Bacon Strata. (I’ve always wanted to do that. The fat would be like the pearl part.)

How to order:

First place an order for one of the following:

Custom Pearls/Metals/Glitters/Sparkles Drum Wrap – If you want your custom wrap on any of those bases. Even transparent is an option!

Custom Wood Grain Drum Wrap – If your choice is a wood grain

Your Artwork Custom Drum Wrap – If you will be supplying the art work

Custom Traditional True Sparkle – Any custom design over Traditional True Sparkle base

We will contact you for additional information to ensure that the results meet your expectations.

or if you are unsure how to proceed, email us walopus@gmail.com with a brief description and we’ll take it from there.


Stains / Fades

In order to communicate stain / fade colours, simply provide an RGB, Pantone or CMYK colour-code. Such colour codes are readily available all over the web. This is one that is easy to navigate: http://www.pantone-colours.com/ For transparency of a stain we’ll work with percentages. For example if you want something like the indigo fade in the picture above right you would specify Pantone 2745 fading from 20% transparency to 100% transparency on both sides. Please note that the colour of the underlying design will affect the colour tone of the stain, just like staining “in real life”. (Blue stain over yellow wood will appear greenish) Don’t expect 100% accuracy with what you see on your screen. It’s not likely that your screen is colour calibrated, or that you can foresee how that colour will appear over whatever motive you select.

Custom Tie-Dye Drum Wrap
Custom Tie-Dye Drum Wrap
Custom Order Wood Grain Drum Wrap
Custom Order Wood Grain Drum Wrap
Karelian Birch Fade Custom Drum Wrap
Tundra Birch with an added Indigo, two-sided fade


Tundra Birch with a Dirty Green Fade
Tundra Birch with a Dirty Green Fade


Figured Ash Burl Drum Wrap with Inlay
Altered Colour-tone, Figured Ash Burl with Abalone Inlay.


Sugar Maple with Onyx Inlay Drum Wrap
Sugar Maple with Green Stain and Onyx Inlay


Bazinga Bubinga Drum Wrap with added red fade
Bazinga Bubinga Drum Wrap with added Candy Red fade


Your Artwork Custom Drum Wrap
9-piece set with customer’s own artwork
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