“It looks STELLAR” – Cory
“Amazing! They still look like brand new after a year of frequent gigging without cases” – Michael
“WOW It looks amazing.” – Richard
“I’m blown away by the quality, colors, & pricing” – Randy
“Thank you for such a wonderful product!!” – Pat
“Really happy with the results” – Sean
“AMAZING!!” – Tarjei
“it looks KILLER” – Stu
“I’m impressed with the quality” – Rick
“crazy depth beyond pearl or glitter” – Russell
“Walopus are a pleasure to work with!” – John
“I cannot get pictures that justify the beauty and sparkle” – Mark
“your Caribbean Abalone Wrap brought my Ludwig Standards back from the dead.” – John
“I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND your products” – Richard
“I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the quality” – Cory
“I just love it.” – Frans
“Got it in the mail over the weekend, and it’s DOPE” – Jason
“better than I ever could’ve hoped” -Nolan
“Thanks for the custom wrap I think it looks awesome! I will definitely use ya’ll again” – Allen
“Superb quality” – Dave
“Thanks for an awesome product. It is really easy to work with, and pretty forgiving too.” – Michael
“easy to work with and looks amazing too!” – David
“Awesome Service” – Bob
“I can’t tell you how pleased I am, not only with the final result, but the entire process of doing business with you!” – Robert
“I really love your product!” – Eddy
“Your products are awesome!!!” -Pat
“Awesome!” – Franky
“I received the wrap last weekend, and it looks great.” – Rick
“The wraps were really high quality and look great!” – Nick
“this is the best drum wrap I have ever seen” – Liam
“I am highly delighted with the outcome” – Tom
“I will definitely be using your product again.” – Sean
“Wow! The wrap looks wonderful!” – Eric
“Thanks for making such an amazing product!” – Guillermo
“Wow you guys exceeded my expectations we will be doing more business” – Matt
“The quality of your sparkle is truly outstanding.” – Axel
“Thanks for the incredible quality control.” – John
“#1 place for drum wrap” – Mark
“Got the drums wrapped and they look awesome.” – Alex
“l would highly recommend Walopus Drum wrap to anyone considering giving there drums a beautiful new finish..” – Paul
“They look fantastic!” – Michael
“it looks so sick! Thanks for everything!” – Jay
“I Love It!” – Mike
“The kit turned out great. They all love it.” – Sean
“it looks great! Thanks so much for everything, I will definitely have another order in with you soon!” – Mark
“The wrap is beautiful!” – J.F.
“I am pleased i decides on Walopus. Thanks again could not be happier” – Tom
“You guys Rock!” – Eddy
“I can not say enough good things about your wrap. I just keep staring at it while grinning” – Arne
“Received the wrap today. All I can say is WOW!!!” – Greg
“Fantastic drum wrap” – David
“Great Product!” – Sonny


Walopus Drums Wrap is Made in Canada with raw materials from Canada and USA. No duties for US customers under NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement)

(Most European countries do not charge duties on our product either)

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