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High Quality, High Gloss, Low Price, Economy Drum Wrap, Clearance Drum Wrap, Package Deals

Low Cost Drum Wrap
Low Cost Drum Wrap Collection
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  • Backed by real-world Testing
  • Excellent Durability
  • Simple Installation
  • Maximum UV-resistance
  • Beautiful, Glossy Appearance
  • Factory Direct - Lowest Prices
A lower-cost alternative without sacrificing quality or appearance. Our new Low Cost Drum Wrap Collection features some of our most popular finishes in a slightly (25%) thinner composition.  We have engineered a plastic composition that allows for the same amazing finishes embedded in approximately 15 mil of plastic as opposed to the more common 20 mil. Prices have been slashed even more by manufacturing the Low Cost Drum Wrap Collection twice a month only. Delivery times will therefor be up to two weeks in some cases. Limiting the selection to five strategic sheet sizes further reduces prices. (We are happy to cut them to your required sizes at no extra cost.)  

Low Cost Drum Wrap Collection Sheet Sizes:

39" X 23" Any combination of shells up to 12" Dia X combined depth of up to 24" $40  (Example: 8X9, 12X8 & 10X6) 45" X 23" Any combination of shells up to 14" dia X combined depth of up to 24" $50  (Example: 14X14 & 14X6 or 13X9, 12X8 & 14X6) 52" X 23" Any combination of shells up to 16" dia X combined depth of up to 24" $60  (Example: 16X16 & 14X6) 64" X 23" Any combination of shells up to 20" dia X combined depth of up to 24" $70  (Example: 20X16 & 14X6) 77" X 23" Any combination of shells up to 24" dia X combined depth of up to 24" $80  (Example: 24X16 & 14X6) All Prices are in US$  
$3.00$80.00 Select options
Sale! White Economy Drum Wrap
White Economy Drum Wrap
Ultra-economical and ultra versatile. Gleaming and glossy on one side, Satin-matte sheen on the other. Our White Economy Drum Wrap is 20% translucent. This means it can be biased to match existing white finishes on other drums by colouring the drum shell prior to installation. It can also be "customised" by painting the back side to alter the colour tone. Or simply use as-is. We offer Walopus White Economy Drum Wrap at Factory-Direct Prices. Sizes are Shell Diameter X Shell Depth, Except for the full sheet which is 22" X 52" Actual Sheet Size All dimensions are in inches. If you don’t see your exact size, pick the next larger size. Walopus Blonde Oak Drum Wrap can be trimmed to size with regular scissors. Wrap will be slightly larger than specified. All Prices are in US Dollars.
$3.00$69.00 Select options